Bitfinex ready to Dogecoin after TikTok fashion send to DOGE price over USD 0.005

The large Bitfinex cryptoswitch is listing Dogecoin (DOGE) as the excitement around meme-based altcoin continues to grow.

In an announcement on Twitter on July 10, Bitfinex said that the deposits were now available and that it would begin supporting Dogecoin at 8:30 am UTC the same day.

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Dogecoin: Bitfinex „throws gud boi“
The movement puts an end to a strange week for Dogecoin, which showed its courage to shoot up after a spontaneous advertising campaign involving users of the social networking platform TikTok.

Perhaps directly due to the attention that the campaign generated, Bitfinex entered the commercial arena; data from Google suggests that many new consumers are trying to buy DOGE as a result.

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The movement may have been responsible for more remarkable price gains. After TikTok, which took DOGE/USD to its nearly two-year high, a new high of USD 0.0052 was shown for the pair on Thursday.

Since then, there has been a change in trend, and Crypto Investor has nevertheless managed to bounce off the new support level of USD 0.004.

For the Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino, there was little else to add. he tweeted:

„That’s wonderful! MegaDOGE at @bitfinex! Throw the gud boi!!!!!!!!!“

The Shibes have their media moment

Meanwhile, Dogecoin even found its way into the media this week; Bloomberg indicates the numbers of Google Trends in a dedicated article.

„The whole currency began as a joke to mock the financial system, which is strange to think,“ the publication quoted Justin Litchfield, CTO of the hedge fund ProChain Capital, as saying on Wednesday.

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Google search interest in Dogecoin vs.

The interest of the Google search for Dogecoin vs. Source: Google Trends

According to Google Trends, the phrase „how to buy Dogecoin“ significantly outperformed „how to buy Bitcoin“ in the last seven days.